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Boost your self-awareness with TraitLab Plus for $49.

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How it works

TraitLab makes it easy to learn about yourself through modern personality science.

Answer simple questions

TraitLab assessments are based on standardized, targeted questions that millions of people have answered.

Your progress is always saved, so you can answer at whatever pace works for you.

Build your profile

TraitLab compares your pattern of responses to multiple samples and published studies to build your unique profile, describing your personality from multiple perspectives.

Your results are continuously updated and refined as you answer additional questions and TraitLab's estimates become more precise.

An in-progress example of a personality profile in TraitLab

Share and Compare

How you use and share your results is totally up to you. By default, your results are private, confidential, and just for you.

For the curious, you can connect and compare your profile with others on TraitLab for an analysis of your similarities and differences, showing your relationships through a new lens.

Why TraitLab?

Personality assessment like you've never seen before.

Get crystal clear about the unique combination of personality dimensions influencing your interpersonal, emotional, and intellectual life.

Built on Research

TraitLab is built with assessments completed by millions of people in published, peer-reviewed research.

Easy to Use

Answer short, straightforward questions while TraitLab builds and refines your personality profile.

Extremely Detailed

Dive deeply into your own unique, comprehensive analysis with 40+ dimensions, touching several life areas.

Connected with Others

Connect your profile with friends, family, or anyone with a TraitLab account to learn about your similarities and differences.

Simple to Share

Customize your public profile for sharing, or keep your results completely private.

Uniquely Yours

No two personality profiles are the same. Your results are one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Frequently asked questions

How is TraitLab different from other personality "tests"?

TraitLab is much more than a single, static personality test.

You'll learn about yourself through multiple personality models, including modern, research-based personality frameworks, like the Big Five, supported by thousands of published, peer-reviewed research studies.

TraitLab is regularly updated and extended as people answer additional questions. Over one million questions have been answered on TraitLab so far.

How is TraitLab different from other Big Five measures?

Results from most Big Five measures are usually just a few numbers, often with minimal practical context. TraitLab provides much more customized results and allows comparisons with other people.

Because your progress is saved as you go, you can easily take far more extensive assessments at your own pace, unlocking over 40 personality dimensions.

Who made TraitLab?

TraitLab was created by me, Greg Park. Hey there!

I'm a research psychologist by training (Ph.D. in psychology, focused on measurement) and wanted an easier way to learn about personality.

I was pretty skeptical of most of the widespread personality tools available today. Most of them felt outdated, clunky, or slightly sketchy.

Worst of all, I noticed that the most popular tools seem to have missed most of the interesting, valuable findings from personalty research over the last 30 years! I wanted to make something better.

It's just me here at TraitLab, so if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know.

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