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Learn about yourself with scientific personality assessments

TraitLab makes it easy to learn about your personality, interests, and unique strengths through science-based assessments

How it works

Answer simple questions

TraitLab analyzes hundreds of traits based on standardized, targeted questions that millions of people have answered.

Your progress is always saved, so you can answer at whatever pace works for you.

Build your profile

TraitLab compares your pattern of responses to multiple samples and published studies to build your unique profile, describing your personality from multiple perspectives.

Your results are continuously updated and refined as you answer additional questions and TraitLab's estimates become more precise.

An in-progress example of a personality profile in TraitLab

Explore new career paths

Upgrade to TraitLab Plus to compare your personality profile and working preferences with hundreds of occupations.

Reconsider your current job in a new light, or discover a completely new career path.

Understand your social patterns

With TraitLab Plus, you can analyze your characteristic ways of interacting with other people and handling social situations.

Learn about the common interpersonal challenges and opportunities associated with your interpersonal style.

An example of the TraitLab interpersonal style analysis

Discover your untapped strengths

TraitLab Plus help you see your complete set of strengths and where you naturally feel engaged and enthusiastic.

Identify ways to exercise and apply your top strengths in daily life.

Powered by people

TraitLab is continuously learning and improving to give you new personality insights


What people are saying about TraitLab Plus

The details available are fascinating and have helped me on my journey of self-knowledge.

- K. R.

The questions are very detailed.

- Anita

I found the details of the facets provided insights beyond MBTI.

- K. S.

Very thorough examination. I appreciate the career insights. Helps me understand why some paths would work and some wouldn't ... Great work!

TraitLab Plus

Get crystal clear about your unique strengths.

Find Your Career Edge

Uncover your untapped personal strengths to level up in your current career, or get recommendations for surprising new career paths that fit your unique profile.

Clarify Your Strengths

Ground yourself with a deep analysis of your personal strengths, and learn how to exercise them in everyday life.

Spot Relationship Patterns

How is your personality influencing your most important connections? Learn to recognize how your characteristic interpersonal style impacts your social interactions.

Unique Personality Insights

Most assessments label you with a simple type, missing the important details that make a big impact. TraitLab analyzes over 80 dimensions so your results are one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Frequently asked questions

How is TraitLab different from other personality assessments?

Most online assessments are not based on real published research, so you can't connect your results to useful information about habits, career, relationships, and other practical aspects of your life.

TraitLab uses assessments and concepts from actual scientific research, then makes it easy to see how your results relate to important life areas.

I want a fun personality quiz. Is TraitLab right for me?

Nope! If that's your thing, you'll have better luck here.

Honestly, TraitLab is not fun, cute, or quick. TraitLab will ask you a lot of questions. And TraitLab will give a lot of information ... maybe more than you wanted to know. It's definitely not for everyone.

But, if you are looking for an incredibly detailed description of yourself, then TraitLab is probably exactly what you are looking for.

How much does TraitLab cost?

It's totally free to create an account on TraitLab and get loads of interesting results about your personality.

The free version is probably enough for most people. But for the career curious, self-improvers, data nerds, and personality enthusiastists who want to take their understanding to a completely different level, you can upgrade to TraitLab Plus.

Who made TraitLab?

TraitLab was created by me, Greg Park, Ph.D. Hi!

Before starting TraitLab, I spent many years researching psychological measurement and prediction methods at Vanderbilt University (graduate work) and University of Pennsylvania (postdoc research). I'm also a huge geek for all things related to personality.

I made TraitLab to make it easier for you to find reliable, valid, and scientifically-supported personality assessments.

I have a question about ...

I'm always updating TraitLab to make it more useful and interesting. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

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