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Personality assessments are broken.

A while back, I decided to take an industry job after spending several years as an academic researcher in personality psychology.

When I started my new job, I was excited to learn that I would get to take an in-depth personality assessment. Finally, I thought, I'll get to see how personality assessment works in the real world!

But I was shocked by what I saw.

The questions were sloppy and outdated. What are they even asking me?

Confusing and vague results. I can't make sense of this ... Does this actually help anyone?

And worst of all, no connection to scientific research! Who made this stuff up?

It was a huge disappointment. And it wasn't just me.

As I talked to more friends and co-workers, I learned that almost everyone had taken some personality assessment at work. However, almost everyone was deeply skeptical of the entire process and results. And they should be!

At the same time, I knew there were good, reliable, and practical assessments based on my research years. So what happened? Why is there a giant gap between personality assessments in modern science and the popular ones used outside of research?

It's a tricky problem. Most active research psychologists are too busy to build something outside of research, and most corporate assessment companies are already making plenty of money to care about improving their products.

But I think it's a problem worth solving. So many people could benefit from the fascinating and practical findings from personality science. But someone has to connect the dots.

So, I started building TraitLab.

My goal is to make it easy to boost your self-awareness using modern personality science. Try it out, and let me know what you think. :)

Are you interested in TraitLab? Have comments or suggestions? I'd love to hear from you, so please send me a message anytime.

Greg Park
Greg Park

Creator, TraitLab