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Personality assessments are broken.

Something happened to me a while back. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You start a new job and are asked to take a personality assessment. This could be interesting, right? Maybe you'll learn something about yourself.

So you go along and start answering the questions. But some of the questions are confusing and hard to answer with a simple multiple-choice response.

You re-read the questions and start wondering: Who made these questions up?

More importantly, What do my answers mean? How is this supposed to relate to my actual job? And what about the rest of my life?

After answering dozens or maybe hundreds of baffling questions, you finally finish and await your results.

And when your results finally arrive, they are comically underwhelming.

After all of your answers to those confusing and tedious questions, the results boil your entire personality down to a couple of numbers, a color, four letters, or some other awful oversimplification. That's it!?

But wait, you think, maybe this is based on some real research somewhere. So you look up the test and the company that made the test and ... nope. No references, no scientific research, no explanation of how the results work.

For someone with a genuine interest in personality, it's a huge disappointment. And it's not just you.

After this happened to me, I talked to many friends and co-workers about it. I learned that almost everyone had taken some personality assessment at work. However, almost everyone was deeply skeptical of the entire process and results.

And they should be!

From my time as a personality researcher, I know there are solid, reliable, and practical assessments out there. So what happened? Why is there a giant gap between personality assessments in modern science and the popular ones used outside of research?

I think it's a problem worth solving.

So, I started building TraitLab.

My goal is to make it easy to boost your self-awareness using modern personality science. Just make a free account and let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking out TraitLab! :)

Greg Park
Greg Park

Creator, TraitLab