Why TraitLab?

Are you skeptical about that personality test you took online?

Or what about that personality test that everyone at your job takes?

You should be. Sadly, most "personality tests" out there are about 50 years out of date.

They're entertaining, but have little to do with modern personality science. That’s true for the free ones and, yes, many of the expensive ones.

As a personality researcher, I’m amazed at the amount of time and money wasted on outdated, unreliable assessments.

So, I decided to start building TraitLab.

TraitLab makes it easy to learn about your personality, using the same techniques that scientific researchers use.

My goal is to increase awareness of modern personality science and provide an alternative to the outdated and overpriced stuff that most people fall for.

I’m always adding new pieces to TraitLab to make it more useful and interesting. Got any feedback or suggestions? Just email me anytime.


Greg from TraitLab