Personality Wordcloud

This free tool creates a preview of your unique personality wordcloud — a visualization of the descriptive adjectives based on your personality traits. Only a portion of your full wordcloud is shown with this free preview.

Below, you'll find about 100 statements about you.

Think about how well each statement describe you in general. When thinking about each statement, consider how you usually are, in most situations, compared to most people.

For example, if the statement is "I worry a lot", consider whether you usually worry a lot, in most situations, compared to most people.

I try to follow the rules.
I get chores done right away.
I am not embarrassed easily.
I pretend to be concerned for others.
I am always on the go.
I know the answers to many questions.
I believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
I seldom toot my own horn.
I don't see the consequences of things.
I boast about my virtues.
I try to lead others.
I readily overcome setbacks.
I dislike changes.
I never spend more than I can afford.
I can't make up my mind.
I take advantage of others.
I love order and regularity.
I often feel uncomfortable around others.
I try to understand myself.
I choose my words with care.
I rarely complain.
I work hard.
I am afraid to draw attention to myself.
I radiate joy.
I stick to the rules.
I do things that I later regret.
I don't understand things.
I believe in human goodness.
I hold a grudge.
I am not interested in theoretical discussions.
I feel desperate.
I do crazy things.
I find it difficult to get down to work.
I can manage many things at the same time.
I complete tasks successfully.
I like to stand during the national anthem.
I enjoy examining myself and my life.
I am not bothered by messy people.
I keep in the background.
I go on binges.
I laugh my way through life.
I get irritated easily.
I want everything to be "just right."
I believe that we coddle criminals too much.
I get upset easily.
I avoid difficult reading material.
I am not easily affected by my emotions.
I trust what people say.
I do not enjoy watching dance performances.
I make people feel uncomfortable.
I experience very few emotional highs and lows.
I see beauty in things that others might not notice.
I excel in what I do.
I yell at people.
I prefer variety to routine.
I do not have a good imagination.
I put people under pressure.
I try not to think about the needy.
I believe that others have good intentions.
I love surprise parties.
I tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
I dislike loud music.
I make friends easily.
I have difficulty imagining things.
I feel others' emotions.
I can't stand weak people.
I am not really interested in others.
I cheat to get ahead.
I am often down in the dumps.
I react slowly.
I consider myself an average person.
I wait for others to lead the way.
I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I love to read challenging material.
I have a rich vocabulary.
I do not like poetry.
I turn my back on others.
I do just enough work to get by.
I often eat too much.
I like to solve complex problems.
I find it difficult to approach others.
I am comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
I like to take it easy.
I jump into things without thinking.
I believe that we should be tough on crime.
I leave my belongings around.
I am hard to get to know.
I seldom daydream.
I like to begin new things.
I lose my temper.
I go straight for the goal.
I cheer people up.
I take no time for others.
I am able to control my cravings.
I can talk others into doing things.
I break my promises.
I am able to stand up for myself.
I need a push to get started.
I like to tidy up.
I believe that people are essentially evil.

Finally, please tell us a little more about you and your background.





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