Personality Wordcloud

This free tool creates your unique personality wordcloud — a visualization of up to 100 words describing your unique personality dimensions.

Below, you'll find about 100 statements about you.

Think about how well each statement describe you in general. When thinking about each statement, consider how you usually are, in most situations, compared to most people.

For example, if the statement is "I worry a lot", consider whether you usually worry a lot, in most situations, compared to most people.

I feel that my life lacks direction.
I anticipate the needs of others.
I have a sharp tongue.
I try to follow the rules.
I react slowly.
I prefer to stick with things that I know.
I am afraid to draw attention to myself.
I work hard.
I don't like the idea of change.
I plunge into tasks with all my heart.
I get back at others.
I enjoy being reckless.
I hate to seem pushy.
I keep in the background.
I get stressed out easily.
I leave my belongings around.
I complete tasks successfully.
I use flattery to get ahead.
I handle tasks smoothly.
I believe that people are essentially evil.
I break rules.
I would never go hang-gliding or bungee-jumping.
I get chores done right away.
I am indifferent to the feelings of others.
I dislike talking about myself.
I take charge.
I believe in one true religion.
I sympathize with the homeless.
I laugh aloud.
I often feel blue.
I love to help others.
I make myself the center of attention.
I am often down in the dumps.
I am often in a bad mood.
I don't like crowded events.
I misrepresent the facts.
I love large parties.
I would never cheat on my taxes.
I feel desperate.
I need a push to get started.
I seek quiet.
I have a low opinion of myself.
I worry about things.
I avoid crowds.
I believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
I have frequent mood swings.
I am comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
I use others for my own ends.
I feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.
I react quickly.
I keep others at a distance.
I obstruct others' plans.
I do not like concerts.
I can talk others into doing things.
I often make last-minute plans.
I cheer people up.
I take no time for others.
I love excitement.
I don't see the consequences of things.
I can't stand confrontations.
I don't understand things.
I postpone decisions.
I like to tidy up.
I enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
I consider myself an average person.
I know how to cope.
I pretend to be concerned for others.
I rarely complain.
I excel in what I do.
I have difficulty imagining things.
I see beauty in things that others might not notice.
I like a leisurely lifestyle.
I do not enjoy going to art museums.
I am attached to conventional ways.
I like to get lost in thought.
I have little to say.
I become overwhelmed by events.
I like to stand during the national anthem.
I believe in the importance of art.
I talk to a lot of different people at parties.
I want to be left alone.
I do things that I later regret.
I am not embarrassed easily.
I keep my cool.
I am not bothered by messy people.
I tell the truth.
I think that all will be well.
I want everything to be "just right."
I have difficulty starting tasks.
I am not easily amused.
I do crazy things.
I contradict others.
I do more than what's expected of me.
I feel others' emotions.
I suspect hidden motives in others.
I am willing to try anything once.
I get others to do my duties.
I never splurge.
I panic easily.
I make rash decisions.

Finally, please tell us a little more about you and your background.





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