Big Five Personality Test

This free test estimates your position on the Big Five personality dimensions — Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (also known as Emotional Stability).

Below, you'll find about 100 statements about you.

Think about how well each statement describe you in general. When thinking about each statement, consider how you usually are, in most situations, compared to most people.

For example, if the statement is "I worry a lot", consider whether you usually worry a lot, in most situations, compared to most people.

I stick to my chosen path.
I can handle a lot of information.
I am not interested in theoretical discussions.
I take no time for others.
I try not to think about the needy.
I tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
I go on binges.
I keep my cool.
I am not highly motivated to succeed.
I have a low opinion of myself.
I radiate joy.
I do not enjoy watching dance performances.
I let things proceed at their own pace.
I like to take my time.
I avoid philosophical discussions.
I rarely complain.
I am not embarrassed easily.
I suspect hidden motives in others.
I never splurge.
I love large parties.
I am comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
I experience very few emotional highs and lows.
I seldom daydream.
I believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
I enjoy being part of a loud crowd.
I am concerned about others.
I jump into things without thinking.
I enjoy examining myself and my life.
I love to eat.
I insult people.
I am not easily amused.
I feel that my life lacks direction.
I feel comfortable around people.
I am afraid that I will do the wrong thing.
I can handle complex problems.
I am not bothered by disorder.
I am not easily affected by my emotions.
I seldom joke around.
I do crazy things.
I act comfortably with others.
I only feel comfortable with friends.
I see beauty in things that others might not notice.
I panic easily.
I cheat to get ahead.
I spend time reflecting on things.
I believe that laws should be strictly enforced.
I seek to influence others.
I can talk others into doing things.
I have a good word for everyone.
I dislike loud music.
I like a leisurely lifestyle.
I contradict others.
I believe that too much tax money goes to support artists.
I love flowers.
I seek quiet.
I get upset easily.
I come up with good solutions.
I am not easily annoyed.
I get others to do my duties.
I react slowly.
I wait for others to lead the way.
I like to tidy up.
I enjoy being reckless.
I take control of things.
I want to be left alone.
I dislike new foods.
I turn my back on others.
I try to follow the rules.
I often make last-minute plans.
I rarely overindulge.
I seek adventure.
I love surprise parties.
I demand quality.
I make rash decisions.
I act wild and crazy.
I have difficulty starting tasks.
I keep others at a distance.
I think that all will be well.
I do not enjoy going to art museums.
I have frequent mood swings.
I avoid difficult reading material.
I often feel uncomfortable around others.
I take charge.
I hate to seem pushy.
I am indifferent to the feelings of others.
I seldom toot my own horn.
I am willing to try anything once.
I avoid contacts with others.
I believe in an eye for an eye.
I love life.
I hold back my opinions.
I seek danger.
I believe that people are essentially evil.
I feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.
I love action.
I use flattery to get ahead.
I am wary of others.
I yell at people.
I laugh my way through life.
I believe in human goodness.

Finally, please tell us a little more about you and your background.





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