16 Personality Types Test

This free 16 Personality Types test estimates which type from the "16 Personality" or "Jungian" typology is most similar to your personality. Personality types from this typology are described by a four-letter name, such as INFJ, ESTP, and so on.

Below, you'll find about 100 statements about you.

Think about how well each statement describe you in general. When thinking about each statement, consider how you usually are, in most situations, compared to most people.

For example, if the statement is "I worry a lot", consider whether you usually worry a lot, in most situations, compared to most people.

I break rules.
I can talk others into doing things.
I jump into things without thinking.
I carry out my plans.
I want everything to be "just right."
I am indifferent to the feelings of others.
I avoid crowds.
I am able to control my cravings.
I pretend to be concerned for others.
I am often in a bad mood.
I do not have a good imagination.
I react slowly.
I have a sharp tongue.
I work hard.
I believe in an eye for an eye.
I don't know why I do some of the things I do.
I tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
I am afraid that I will do the wrong thing.
I get stressed out easily.
I pay my bills on time.
I love surprise parties.
I use flattery to get ahead.
I am not bothered by difficult social situations.
I laugh aloud.
I often feel uncomfortable around others.
I am very pleased with myself.
I come up with good solutions.
I misrepresent the facts.
I experience my emotions intensely.
I love life.
I try to lead others.
I do not enjoy watching dance performances.
I believe that people should fend for themselves.
I am not easily amused.
I remain calm under pressure.
I am sure of my ground.
I am afraid to draw attention to myself.
I tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
I act wild and crazy.
I keep my promises.
I stumble over my words.
I like to solve complex problems.
I panic easily.
I see beauty in things that others might not notice.
I keep my cool.
I make friends easily.
I lose my temper.
I am attached to conventional ways.
I believe that I am better than others.
I radiate joy.
I act comfortably with others.
I don't like crowded events.
I am not easily disturbed by events.
I suspect hidden motives in others.
I involve others in what I am doing.
I like order.
I have frequent mood swings.
I listen to my conscience.
I believe that we coddle criminals too much.
I avoid philosophical discussions.
I enjoy being reckless.
I do not like art.
I wait for others to lead the way.
I rarely notice my emotional reactions.
I feel comfortable around people.
I warm up quickly to others.
I enjoy the beauty of nature.
I am not easily affected by my emotions.
I believe that people are essentially evil.
I leave my belongings around.
I adapt easily to new situations.
I do things according to a plan.
I seldom joke around.
I like to tidy up.
I consider myself an average person.
I love a good fight.
I know how to cope.
I misjudge situations.
I take charge.
I break my promises.
I am concerned about others.
I cheer people up.
I enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
I start tasks right away.
I readily overcome setbacks.
I seek danger.
I enjoy being part of a loud crowd.
I am easily intimidated.
I believe in one true religion.
I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
I have little to say.
I believe that criminals should receive help rather than punishment.
I enjoy thinking about things.
I rarely complain.
I talk to a lot of different people at parties.
I have little to contribute.
I dislike changes.
I keep others at a distance.
I feel comfortable with myself.

Finally, please tell us a little more about you and your background.





Alternative Measures

16 personality typology

Alternative Measures

Enneagram typology

Frequently asked 16 Personality Types questions

What is the 16 Personality typology?

The 16 Personality Types or Jungian models of personality share a loose connection to Carl Jung’s theories. These theories claim that people differ in their preferred cognitive functions, and these preferences lead to 16 distinct personality types.

What are the 16 Personality types?

The 16 Personality types are:

Click on any personality type to learn more about its characteristic patterns, personality traits, interpersonal style, career interests, and more.

Can I save my 16 Personality Types results?

Yes! After completing this short test, you can create a free TraitLab account and save your 16 Personality Types results. With your free account, you can answer additional questions to improve the precision of your 16 Personality Types results and easily share your results.

How long does this test take?

This free version contains 100 questions, and most people complete it within 5-10 minutes.

Can I take a longer 16 Personality Types test?

Yes, register with a free TraitLab account to access a much longer version of the test, containing hundreds of additional questions.

How is the 16 Personality typology related to other personality models?

The 16 Personality types have several connections with other personality models, such as the Enneagram and the Big Five personality traits. You can read more about many of the connections between personality models at the TraitLab blog.

With TraitLab Plus, you'll receive a comprehensive personality profile, including your similarity to all 16 Personality types, your relative position on related cognitive functions, and an in-depth report of your personality traits, strengths, and career interests.