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Articles > ISTP Adjectives

The Best Words to Describe the ISTP

Learn about the best words to describe the ISTP personality type

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How do other people see and describe ISTPs?

The wordcloud below shows over 50 words used to describe people with similar Big Five personality dimensions as a typical ISTP. Larger words describe the more prominent aspects of ISTPs.

Adjectives describing the ISTP
Adjectives used to describe ISTPs

Because ISTPs tend to be more introverted and have less social enthusiasm, others sometimes describe them as aloof, withdrawn, reserved, quiet, or shy.

Many ISTPs are less agreeable on average, so at times others may see them as cynical, terse, curt, insensitive, or demanding.

20 adjectives for describing the ISTP personality type

Below are the definitions (credit: wiktionary.org) of 20 adjectives that are usually good descriptions of the ISTP personality type.

  • skeptical: Having, or expressing doubt; questioning
  • cynical: Skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others
  • aloof: Reserved and remote; either physically or emotionally distant; standoffish
  • detached: Having or showing no bias or emotional involvement; disinterested; not influenced by anyone else; characterized by an impersonal objectivity; impartial
  • curt: Brief or terse, especially to the point of being rude
  • terse: Brief, concise, to the point
  • blasé: Unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity
  • demanding: Requiring hard work, endurance, or patience from others
  • withdrawn: Requiring hard work, endurance, or patience from others
  • impractical: Not practical; Preferring idealism over effectiveness or applicability
  • insensitive: Expressing or feeling little or no concern, care, compassion, or consideration for the feelings, emotions, sentiments, or concerns of other people; inconsiderate or incompassionate
  • untalkative: Unwilling to talk; taciturn; refusing to speak
  • unsystematic: Not systematic; Inclined to avoid planned, ordered procedures
  • uninquisitive: Not inquisitive; incurious, not inclined to seek knowledge
  • indirect: Not direct; Not involving the quickest, shortest, or most convenient path
  • prideless: Without pride; humble
  • self-critical: Capable of criticizing oneself; able to find mistakes and possibilities for improvement in one’s own work
  • predictable: Able to be predicted; steady, reliable
  • unemotional: Reasoned and objective, involving reason or intellect rather than feelings
  • unconventional: Not adhering to convention or accepted standards
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