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The ENTJ: Strengths

See how the ENTJ's personality dimensions combine to yield several remarkable patterns

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Like most MBTI personality types, ENTJs tend to have distinct patterns on the Big Five personality traits, and these patterns lead to a few common strengths among ENTJs.

However, out of all the MBTI types, ENTJs are one of the most diverse in terms of underlying personality traits. This means that one ENTJ may have very different strengths than another ENTJ.

Highly organized, but open to new ideas

Most ENTJs are highly conscientious and higher in their openness to experience, leading to an unusual combination of high organization and self-discipline balanced by a curiosity in new ways of solving problems.

ENTJs are often higher on Big Five Conscientiousness and Big Five Openness
ENTJs are often higher on Big Five Conscientiousness and Big Five Openness

While ENTJs often love structure and order, their openness makes them less likely to be rigid and inflexible in their approach, and they will often be interested in learning about differing perspectives and incorporate those into their own methods.

Varied in interpersonal strengths

ENTJs can vary widely in their level of Extraversion and Agreeableness, two dimensions closely related to our style of interacting with other people. This variation means that simply knowing that someone is an ENTJ tells you very little about their interpersonal strengths.

ENTJs vary widely on Big Five Extraversion and Big Five Agreeableness
ENTJs vary widely on Big Five Extraversion and Big Five Agreeableness

To illustrate, consider four individuals, all classified as ENTJs:

  • Ella (high Extraversion, high Agreeableness): Friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic and energetic in social situations
  • Neal (low Extraversion, high Agreeableness): Reserved and polite, while genuinely empathetic and concerned for others
  • Tara (high Extraversion, low Agreeableness): Bold, assertive, and speaks her mind, even if it hurts some feelings
  • James (low Extraversion, low Agreeableness): Withdrawn, aloof, and less interested in others’ problems

So, some ENTJs will have strengths of interpersonal boldness, others will be more interpersonally analytical and cerebral, and a few rare ENTJs will be interpersonally warm and trusting.

How can all of these different patterns belong to the same personality type? Examples like this demonstrate the weaknesses of personality type systems, as simple types often fail to capture important differences between people. Again, this is why TraitLab uses a more rigorous, trait-based approach to measuring personality, so these differences can be captured more precisely.

If you are an ENTJ and wonder if you are more like Ella, Neal, Tara, or James, try the free personality test here at TraitLab and see where you fall on Extraversion and Agreeableness.

Individual strengths

Understanding an individual’s unique strengths requires more than just knowing a personality type or Big Five personality traits. Even among ENTJs, every person has their own set of strengths that they use when they are at their best.

One easy way to learn about your own strengths is with the Strengths profile in TraitLab Plus.

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