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Articles > ISTJ Adjectives

The Best Words to Describe the ISTJ

Learn about the best words to describe the ISTJ personality type

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How do other people see and describe ISTJs?

The wordcloud below shows the top 100 words used to describe people with similar Big Five personality dimensions as a typical ISTJ. Larger words describe the more prominent aspects of ISTJs.

Because ISTJs tend to have a relatively high level of introversion, they tend to show less social enthusiasm and positive emotion, leading others to see them as aloof, inhibited, shy, withdrawn, untalkative, or reserved.

ISTJs tend to be less agreeable on average, and others may describe them as somewhat strict, terse, skeptical, or insensitive.

Adjectives describing the ISTJ
Adjectives used to describe ISTJs

20 adjectives for describing the ISTJ personality type

Below are the definitions (credit: wiktionary.org) of 20 adjectives that are usually good descriptions of the ISTJ personality type.

  • serious: Without humor or expression of happiness; grave in manner or disposition
  • prideless: Without pride; humble
  • terse: Brief or terse, especially to the point of being rude
  • blasé: Unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity
  • uninquisitive: Not inquisitive; incurious, not inclined to seek knowledge
  • meek: Humble, non-boastful, modest, meager, or self-effacing
  • skeptical: Having, or expressing doubt; questioning
  • curt: Brief or terse, especially to the point of being rude
  • guarded: Cautious; restrained
  • traditional: Observant of tradition; attached to old customs; old-fashioned
  • predictable: Able to be predicted; steady, reliable
  • detached: Having or showing no bias or emotional involvement; disinterested; not influenced by anyone else; characterized by an impersonal objectivity; impartial
  • passive: Being inactive, submissive, or unreactive
  • reserved: Slow to reveal emotion or opinions
  • conventional: Pertaining to a convention, as in following generally accepted principles, methods and behavior
  • principled: Strongly adhering to, or heedful of, guiding beliefs or moral rules
  • cynical: Skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others
  • inhibited: Reserved or repressed, prone to quiet, inexpressive behavior
  • sedate: Remaining composed and dignified, and avoiding too much activity or excitement
  • withdrawn: Introverted; not inclined to interact with other people
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