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The INTJ: Strengths

See how the INTJ's personality dimensions combine to yield several remarkable patterns

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INTJs tend to have distinct patterns on the Big Five personality traits, and these patterns lead to a few common strengths among INTJs.

Competitive and exacting

INTJs are usually highly motivated by goals and have strong opinions on how to accomplish them.

INTJs are highly conscientious and can be more demanding
INTJs' lower Agreeableness and higher Conscientiousness can lead to a disciplined, competitive way of tackling new goals.

INTJs enjoy a good challenge and will often look for ways to add a competitive aspect to ordinary activities and several areas of their lives. When the pressure is on, they like taking the lead and making quick decisions. When they become intensely focused on winning or achieving a particular goal, they can sometimes come off as overly stern and critical.

Enthusiastic about information

INTJs are often genuinely interested in the world around them. However, they are usually much more curious about the world of ideas and information than relationships and other people.

INTJs are often low on Big Five Extraversion but high on Big Five Openness
INTJs are often low on Big Five Extraversion but high on Big Five Openness

These preferences follow from INTJs’ blend of low Extraversion and high Openness, two dimensions that shape styles of exploration. INTJs will happily immerse themselves in new ideas and become fully absorbed in consuming any information available about it. Yet, they might struggle to find a fraction of that same enthusiasm in most social engagements.

Serious and principled

INTJs’ combination of lower Extraversion and higher Conscientiousness often results in a more serious, cautious, and principled nature.

INTJs are often more introverted and more conscientious
INTJs' serious and principled nature follows from their lower Extraversion and often higher Conscientiousness.

In many different contexts, INTJs will hold back their enthusiasm, preferring to analyze cautiously and carefully. They will often find it difficult to be spontaneous, silly, or impractical, even when the situation calls for it.

Individual strengths

Understanding an individual’s unique strengths requires more than just knowing a personality type or Big Five personality traits. Even among INTJs, every person has their own set of strengths that they use when they are at their best.

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