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The Best Words to Describe the ENTP

Learn about the best words to describe the ENTP personality type

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How do other people see and describe ENTPs?

The wordcloud below shows the top 100 words used to describe ENTPs. Bigger words describe the more prominent aspects of ENTPs.

Adjectives describing the ENTP
Adjectives used to describe ENTPs

Others may describe ENTPs’ assertive and direct interpersonal style as intense, boisterous, forceful, and dominant. Combined with ENTPs’ low agreeableness, they can come off as immodest, abrupt, gruff, combative, and insensitive.

At the same time, ENTPs’ general lack of concern with others’ opinions can be a powerful asset, leading others to see them as courageous, uninhibited, opinionated, confident, strong, and daring. Their emotional stability and relative calm under pressure can appear weariless, indefatigable, and unemotional.

These words describe the ENTP personality types as a group, but every individual ENTP is slightly different. You can see your personality’s own unique set of words with TraitLab’s free Personality Wordcloud tool.

Compassionate or cynical? Combative or cooperative? Sentimental or insensitive? Discover 100+ words that describe your unique personality.

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Which words describe you?

Compassionate or cynical? Combative or cooperative? Sentimental or insensitive? Discover 100+ words that describe your unique personality.

20 adjectives for describing the ENTP personality type

Below are the definitions (credit: wiktionary.org) of 20 adjectives that are usually good descriptions of the ENTP personality type.

  • opinionated: Having very strong opinions; holding to one’s own opinion obstinately
  • domineering: Overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian
  • eccentric: Deviating from the norm; behaving unexpectedly or differently; unconventional and slightly strange
  • assured: Self-confident; self-assured; sure
  • courageous: Bold, brave, displaying or possessing courage
  • intense: Very emotional or passionate
  • spontaneous: Arising from a momentary impulse; proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external or conscious constraint; self-active
  • aggressive: Prone to behave in a way that involves attacking or arguing
  • outspoken: Speaking freely, openly, or boldly; vocal; frank
  • indefatigable: Extremely persistent and untiring
  • independent: Not subject to bias or influence; self-directing
  • forceful: Capable of either physical or coercive force; powerful
  • eloquent: Effective in expressing meaning by speech
  • weariless: Tireless; incapable of being wearied
  • opportunistic: Prone to take advantage of situations to advance one’s own interests
  • inventive: Capable of designing new mechanisms or processes; creative or skillful at inventing
  • expressive: Effectively conveying thought or feeling
  • uninhibited: Not inhibited; having no inhibitions; fearless
  • exhibitionist: Prone to draw attention to oneself by their behaviour
  • flamboyant: Showy, bold, or audacious in behavior or appearance
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